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New Features of STECCOM SeaSpace Marine VSAT

STECCOM has tested the KNS Z6MK2 small aperture marine VSAT antenna system (antenna diameter – 61 cm). The purpose of the testing was to get the antenna operation approval for the  Russian geostationary communication satellites. The testing has been successful and proved that such communication systems do not cause any interference to communication satellites. During testing, the achieved communication channels speed characteristics were comparable to those for antennas with a diameter of 1-1.2 meters, which are considered standard for maritime VSAT terminals.

The tests results allow predicting the large potential for such small antennas. Compact size and light weight (up to 60 kg), coupled with lower cost (compared to “traditional” models) make maritime VSAT technology affordable to a broad range of ship owners.

STECCOM expects that the small aperture solutions will find their practical application, especially on inland waterways and among owners of small-sized vessels with the limited availability of use of large VSAT terminals.

To learn more about STECCOM communications solutions for marine users, please contact us in any way convenient — via website, by e-mail or by phone.

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