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STECCOM innovative technology for power engineers of Kamchatka

The Southern Electric Networks of Kamchatka (SENK), JSC has successfully completed testing of STECCOM solution for transport monitoring on the Kamchatka Peninsula.
For trials STECCOM has provided a GO.STECCOM monitoring platform, the Iridium satellite communication channels and the Iridium Galileosky Base Block navigation modules for the company's vehicles.
The company's vehicle, equipped with a monitoring device with an alarm button, was running in areas without cellular coverage. Data transmission via Iridium at the 15 minutes increments made it possible to monitor the location of the object in great detail.
Vehicle monitoring was carried out through the GO.STECCOM platform. Upon triggering the alarm button, the data was promptly received via SMS and e-mail at the SENK.
At the next stage, the trial of STECCOM solution is to prove the service efficiency in the harsh climatic conditions of the north of the Kamchatka Peninsula.



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