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Satellite collars for natural farming in Chukotka

STECCOM satellite collars are in service of the reindeer herders of Chukotka. A co-project with the Department of Agriculture of Chukotka has been going on for several years and has proved the effectiveness of the Iridium satellite collars. STECCOM devices help the farmers in Chukotka in finding the «spalls» (spalling is the deviation of a part of the herd from the route after their wild relatives or when attacked by predators), with that significantly reducing the search time.
With the help of STECCOM monitoring platform, the data on the location of the reindeer herding teams is available to agricultural enterprises, as well as to the Department of Agriculture and Food of Chukotka. Numerous times it was the coordinates coming from satellite collars that the ambulance helicopters were sent directly in the tundra to reindeer herding teams for medical assistance to farm employees and, if necessary, delivering them to hospitals in regional centers or the district capital.
The extended service life of the device without any need for maintenance (the autonomous operation is not less than six months) makes the use of collars extremely simple.
The plan for 2021 includes the modernization of equipment already in operation and the implementation of satellite collars at new agricultural enterprises in the region.



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