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Satellite monitoring for the RFP Group

STECCOM's partner, Navigator Hub, LLC., has completed the first stage of deployment of the satellite monitoring system onto the forestry equipment of the RFP Group. The logging equipment (harvesters, forwarders) and timber trucks are now under constant control, which allows minimizing the downtime and the most efficient use of the production facilities. At the first stage, more than 130 logging machines were equipped.

For the project STECCOM provides the Iridium satellite communication channel to transfer the required volumes data, out of the cellular networks coverage.

The RFP holding represents a group of technologically related companies of the full cycle: timber harvesting, processing and delivery of the products to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. In the core activities the holding occupies a leading position in its market segments. The wood processing is carried out with the use of the most advanced equipment from the world's leading manufacturers and in partnership with the world's leading corporations.

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